The gameplay is notoriously confusing. I owe it to you to save you from unwarranted confusion, so let me just tell you outright:

“Becoming a Youkai” and “Magic” are upgradable topics. Once you boosted your heart meter twice, one or both of these topics will lead to a confession scenario and the heart meter will be at max once you pick it.

The visit order is Patchouli's Health + Marisa's Grimoire in any order, followed by Magic. Also, Flandre + Subterranean Animism in any order, followed by Becoming a Youkai.

Made for Touhou Pride Game Jam 2 (

This is the second game of the series. Check out the first one!
Check out the third one!

(Also, no, Formidable Patchouli is NOT a sequel.)

Update: Celia's Twitter is defunct, so I'm putting her Instagram for now.

kurantoB - lead, programming, writing
Bakaretsu - programming (Twitter)
VItheSixth - writing (Twitter)
Utsuho - music arrangement (Twitter, Bandcamp)
Celia - character art, scenery (DeviantArt)

Check out Utsuho's album containing the full soundtrack of the series here! -


Download 32 MB


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After the update, it might just be me, but the game seems to freeze sometimes when I click the Confess button?  I'm not too sure if it's just me though.

That's not good.. Did you try pressing space to advance dialogue? Maybe play the web browser version. I may have just forgotten to update the executable or something.

WAIT, you're right, I didn't hit Space after clicking Confess.  I just assumed the dialogue would move along by itself.  My mistake!


Well, I finally reached the good ending, I might suggest that you should add hints when the dialogue of about to end, changing the text colour or something, it really was needless to repeat and memorize the whole dialogue just to do so xD

You do have a point, but if I go there, I might as well remove it all together (the penalty for changing topics before the current one winds down) ^^;
The game has many flaws, but I hope to address as many of them as I can in my next Formidable-style game.

But anyway, glad you made it to the end!

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Thanks for the reply, it certainly goes well, the art style made it quite enjoyable, but the only thing you should focus is on the "first try" experience, if the game shows you how to properly play it, then its our fault for not noticing that on the first place XD.

But I highly appreciate the mechanic of the formidable's, there arent' many date sim games out there, its a nice experience to change the "visual novel" style once in a while, I would also like to see more than one "bad end", like, you know, hitting the confession button very early and failing because you do so, or selecting many times one kind of topic, interrupting conversations, or something that punishes you for forgetting how to play, I think that would be hillarious xD.

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As expected, a formidable work that tops it’s predecessor! One whose dealt such a blow to my self-esteem that I could not hope to recover for at least another human lifetime! I had to muster up a lot of strength to play this game, but I don’t think I can muster the strength to push that big confess button


It gets lonely standing on top of this graveyard. of crushed Marisa souls.

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The chatter is great but I have no idea how to actually play this. I'm guessing each topic has some window of time near the end where you can safely change to a new topic? I don't really have time to try to figure it out before the voting period is over.

Edit: JUST NOTICED THE MANUAL LOL, will give it a read XD


Your intuition's on the right track XD. I'd agree, the game is still unforgiving despite knowing the manual. Read the (bug) cheat sheet I posted in the game page too!


i'm definitely a new VN gamer (UwU) but this one is short and nice, although its a bit hard for me to win over Patchy  (=w=), awesome music (OwO)b, cute and lovely graphic, however i still stand for AliceXMarisa, i gib 7/10 (OwO)b


2 things I figured need explaining -

I have a gigantic monitor that let's me play the game in its native 1920 x 1080. If you're having trouble playing it, the submission window is over, so until then I can't fix it. Try enabling full-screen mode. If that still doesn't work, do leave a comment to let me know, though.

Also, yes, that bit about topic buttons in the tutorial is a placeholder graphic :(